Brief Description of Obama Family Vacation, Bali, Indonesia

Barrack Obama, the Former President of United States, recently visited Bali, Indonesia, with his family for his summer vacation. Considered as one of the most popular vacation destination in the world, Bali offers a lot of interesting tourist attractions. The article will give brief explanation about the Obama family vacation, Bali, Indonesia for your future reference in vacation planning.

In the following list, you can read some of the Obama’s activities in Bali that you can use as your vacation plan reference.

  • Selecting a resort to stay: the Obamas chose Four Seasons Resort, a luxurious hotel in Bali, located in Ubud Village, as their place to stay. Ubud is the integral part of Bali’s nature and culture. The hotel is approximately 35 kilometers from Ngurah Rai International Airport, which is around 15 minutes by car from the middle of Ubud. This area is also well-known as the filming place of “Eat, Pray, Love” movie starred by Julia Roberts. The resorts offers villas surrounded by wonderful green landscape and plunge pools. The rainforest garden surrounding the hotel has over a thousand bird species, which is worth all the money. A Duplex suite has the rate starting from 7.500.000 rupiah. This resort also offer full privacy, suitable for private vacations of public figures.
  • Admiring the atmosphere of Jatiluwih Rice Terrace: the Obama went to the rice terraces to explore the beauty of nature in Bali. It is situated in Tabanan, Gianyar. To trek around this area, it is advised to wear a sport wear because the trip may be quite sweaty and the road is pretty rocky. You have to drive around an hour and fifteen minutes to reach the place through Batu Luwih Kawan Road. Jatiluwih Rice Terrace can be considered one among the world’s most stunning rice terraces. UNESCO also approved this tourist destination as the World Intangible Cultural Heritages Sites. In this area, you can feel the cool breeze and unspoiled air. Your body and mind will surely be refreshed after visiting this area.
  • Rafting at Ayung River for adventure seekers: you can feel the adrenaline rush by rafting on Ayung River in Badung. Make sure to prepare spare clothes for change because you will certainly get wet. It is suggested to visit the rafting area before noon to avoid extreme sunburnt on your skin. There are a lot of rafting operators available. Some of the recommended ones are Payung Rafting, Bali Adventure Tours Ubud Rafting, and Sobek Rafting Ubud. The price you need to pay to enjoy this attraction is around 250,000 to 555,000 rupiah per person, depends on the package and the provider you choose. It usually includes lunch, welcome drink, and towels. Your safety will be ensured by the safety equipment and professional and experienced guide.

The activities mentioned above are some of the best activities to do in the island based on Obama’s holiday plan. Before using this holiday plan as reference, make sure you have enough time and money, because this plan will surely cost you a lot.


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